A clean list of Odonata names have been uploaded on IBP based on Subramanian, K.A. and Babu, R. (2017). Checklist of Odonata (Insecta) of India. Version 3.0.

Life Stage (Incomplete Metamorphosis)

A stage in the life cycle of the organism. In incomplete metamorphosis insects, immature stages are called nymphs. Development proceeds in repeated stages of growth and moulting; these stages are called instars. The juvenile forms closely resemble adults, but are smaller and lack adult features such as wings and genitalia. The size and morphological differences between nymphs in different instars are small, often just differences in body proportions and the number of segments; in later instars, external wing buds form. This applies to Hemiptera (scale insects, aphids, whitefly, cicadas, leafhoppers and true bugs); Orthoptera (grasshoppers and crickets); Mantodea (praying mantises); Some Blattodea (cockroaches and termites); Dermaptera (earwigs); Odonata (dragonflies and damselflies); Phasmatodea (Stick Insects); Phthiraptera (sucking lice); Ephemeroptera (mayflies); Plecoptera (stoneflies); Isoptera (termites); Grylloblattodea (ice insects) and Thysanoptera
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Nymph Nymphan immature form of an insect that does not change greatly as it grows, e.g. a dragonfly, mayfly, or locust.IBP
Adult Adultfully grown or developed.IBP
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[Isoptera, Hemiptera, Orthoptera, Phthiraptera, Plecoptera, Plecoptera, Mantodea, Blattodea, Dermaptera, Dermaptera, Ephemeroptera, Odonata, Ephemeroptera, Thysanoptera]
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