Read a report on National Moth Week 2017 on the India Biodiversity Portal Blog.


Credit: Kailash of ATREE

For an effort of this size to be undertaken, we needed the involvement of several individuals and organizations. We acknowledge the contributions of the various people involved.

Several donors have contributed in to this effort. We have received generous financial support from various organizations. We sincerely thank them and acknowledge their contribution to this effort.

The portal effort was initiated by a consortium of partners who approached the National Knowledge Commission and impressed upon them the need to set up an India Biodiversity Portal as a public participatory effort embedded in civil society and independent of the government.

Various organizations, institutions and individuals have come forward to help build the platform as a core working group to enrich it with information and data. Their tireless efforts and constant encouragement to the IBP has been an important inspiration to bring it to this level. We hope to see continued support from them and openly invite other organization and individuals who would like to contribute to the participatory success of the IBP.

Finally, this is all about the individuals who pitched in and worked as a team to make the IBP possible. Their efforts in designing, building and populating the site is acknowledged.