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    Species Diversity of Short Horned Grasshopper (Orthoptera - Acrididae) in Selected Grasslands of Solapur District, Maharashtra, India
    In the class insects, grasshopper is one of the largest and diverse group. They are dominant above ground invertebrates in cultivated and in natural grasslands ecosystems and they are functionally important. For the first time survey and collection of short horned grasshopper (Orthoptera: Acrididae) was carried out from selected grasslands of Solapur district, Maharashtra, India. Short horned grasshopper species were surveyed in selected grasslands of Solapur district, Maharashtra, India. 7 species belonging to 7 different genera i.e. Acrida, Gastrimargus, Trilophidia, Catantops, Calaptenopsis, Chrotogonus and Atractomorpha and 4 different subfamilies Tryxalinae, Cedipodinae, Catantopinae and Pyrgomorphinae were recorded.
    Department of Zoology, Nowrosjee Wadia College of Arts and Science, University of Pune, Pune, Maharashtra